The terms and coverage details of a warranty are specific to each product model you sell. Typically, if registered within 90 days, products come with a 10-year standard parts limited warranty; otherwise 5-years*. Depending on the model, certain components within the system may have different standard warranty periods.

Additionally, on most models, RMI offers optional labor warranties to further protect the customers investment. Even with the standard parts warranty, repair labor bills can range from $100 to $1000 or more. Labor extended warranties offer many benefits and help save money for the customer.

To learn the exact details of the warranty, refer to the product documentation that came with the product. If the model is listed online, the documentation may be available for download there or on HVACPARTNERS. If you are unable to find the documentation, contact us for assistance in determining the warranty coverage.

*Jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned on registration will receive a 10-year limited warranty.

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Warranty Resources


ServiceBench is a resource for contractors to reference and verify product warranties as well as manage and process claims. Please reach out to a Warranty Administrator if you require assistance setting up a ServiceBench account.

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FAS Extended Warranties

Factory Assurance Southwest offers a comprehensive selection of extended warranty coverage packages that provide a value-added benefit. FAS extended warranty programs are provided through Robert Madden Industries and a network of authorized HVAC dealers.

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Warranty Claim - Service Credit Application

To start a claim, please complete the Warranty Claim Form listed below and email the completed form to warranty@rmadden.com.

Effective January 1, 2023, Robert Madden Industries will implement an over-the-counter warranty handling fee of $20/claim for RMI purchased equipment and $75/claim for non-RMI purchased equipment.

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Manufacturer Warranty Information

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