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  • Item Code: 32701
  • Brand: Mars
  • Unit Size: 1


The Mars AllStart is a two wire hard start device designed to provide maximum starting torque for single phase PSC and CSIR compressors up through 10HP. The Mars AllStart recycles instantly for maximum convenience on troublesome hard start jobs. Independent testing has determined that the Mars AllStart provides more starting torque than other competitive models and this results in quicker starts. Test results on a range of head pressures from 166 to 300 PSI indicate that the Mars AllStart started the test compressor in an average of 21.7% less time than the leading competitor! More available starting torque means less time to get problem compressors started. Mars offers the largest assortment of refrigeration and air conditioning compressor starting components. When the proper starting relay and capacitor combination is a must, they are available from MARS. When getting a problem compressor started in the field "NOW" is the job, rely on the new Mars AllStart.


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    • Maximum starting torque
    • More than 20% faster starts
    • Easy two wire installation
    • Recycles instantly
    • 200% to 300% increased torque
    • For use with 1/3-2 hp motor
    • 1/2 to 5 hp

Tech Specs

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Brand Mars
Domestic/Import Import
Type Hardstart
Voltage Rating 115/230 VAC

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