A Revolutionary System Rooted In Simplicity

Rheia’s small diameter air distribution systems are designed to fit in the slim, air-conditioned spaces that exist with 2×4 construction. Compatible with any conventional air handler, Rheia’s unique technology utilizes snap-fit connections that eliminate the need for tape or mastic — leading to a cost-effective, labor-efficient installation.

With ductwork and equipment now entirely in the conditioned space of the home instead of the attic, homeowners will see energy cost savings and experience more consistent temperatures around the house, making it feel more comfortable. And, because the Rheia system is engineered to meet updated and future code requirements, Rheia can lower HERS scores, contribute to tax rebates, and surpasses Energy Star requirements.

Case studies:  Baltimore, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Woodburn, Syracuse.

To learn more, visit rheiacomfort.com or contact salesmanagers@rmadden.com.

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Brand: Rheia
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